Company Valuation

The valuation of a hotel or restaurant object is a very specialized and challenging task. Numerous aspects relevant to the industry must be taken into account. Through synergy with existing consultation firms, we assess the value of your company across different variants.


The circumstance of what you want to sell is decisive for the valuation:

 ·       Are you selling an existing sole proprietorship or a collective proprietorship?

·       Are you selling an existing legal entity?

·       Are you selling a company (natural or legal entity) with property?

·       Are you selling hotel or restaurant property?


Depending on the situation, before the actual company valuation can begin, an adjustment of your annual financial statement and an estimate of your future success (budget) are necessary for a prospective successor.


We assess the value of companies according to the following valuation methods:


·       Capitalized earnings method

·       Discounted cash flow method

·       EBIT method

·       Net asset value method or mean value method


We often collaborate with an architect (your architect or architect from our network) when we handle properties. We also strive to work together with your accountant/tax advisor.


Do you have any questions concerning the valuation of your company? Please do not hesitate to contact us!