Succession Planning

The succession of your own company is one of the most difficult management processes of a company. Not many have experience in this area and family ties usually impede this process. Accompanying consultation is an absolute “MUST.”


Succession planning must be implemented in the beginning of the project. A 5-10-year timeline before the planned handover is advisable. The succession process is usually divided into the following phases:


Succession preparation:

·       Together we will make your company realy to be sold. We will discuss strategy together and will talk to family members or possible successors.


·       Price expectations and selling options will be analyzed objectively.


Measures for improvement of the company value will be decided. At the opportune moment, we will prepare the sale document. We will coordinate this with your existing consultants (tax advisor, notary, lawyer).


Succession Implementation:

We will guide you through this important process.

·       How will we enter the market?

·       Who will we appeal to?

·       Which legal and financial solutions must be found?


These and other questions will solved on the path to finding the right successor (internal or external). We will investigate the successor and will assure that your personal goals (financial and emotional) are balanced. We will guide you through the “due diligence” and assist you, if necessary, with a team of legal experts.


We would be very happy to have an initial conversation with you.


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