We are your partner when it comes to the sale / purchase of your hotel. We only work directly with end customers or selected partners and our approach is always the same:


We analyze your business in terms of organization, economics, finance and legal issues. A technical analysis (external partner) will be made at the same moment or later.


We evaluate your business and determine the possible sales profits and discuss options and the best time to sell.

further action

Together we define the procedure/concept regarding the sale. Who is contacted, when and how? Which sales documents are created and how are they communicated internally and externally?


This part of the service is consulting and therefore, charged. Depending on the size of the business, this will cost CHF 6'000 - 15'000. The consulting fee is deductible from the success fee. We would be happy to make you an offer.

After preparing the sales concept, the sales procedure is started and based on a success fee. The minimum success fee is CHF 30'000. Otherwise, a percentage of compensation is paid depending on the amount of the sale.

1 Mio.

3 Mio.

5 Mio.

10 Mio.

20 Mio.

40 Mio.

= 4.5%*

= 3.0%*





*only valid for Switzerland.