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Our competent team with many years of experience in the hotel and gastronomy industry, extensive knowledge and consulting experience is at your disposal for your individual requirements and needs.


The following is a list of our services for companies in the hotel and gastronomy industry:

  • Company valuations

  • Successor solutions

  • Conversions

  • Restructuring (legal and financial)

  • Due diligence (economic, legal, technical)

  • Feasibility calculations / studies

  • Investment check

  • Optimization of your business

  • Positioning of your business

  • Financing

  • Trust services

  • Rental and lease agreements 

  • Operator searches

  • Inventory Valuation

  • Business questions

"Nothing is as constant as change" - this sentence is attributed to the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. He could not have foreseen the speed at which the world is changing today. This can also apply to markets and business enterprises. We, therefore, offer flexible solutions for dynamic companies - always in close and confidential cooperation.

Please contact us for your free first consultation.

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