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We are your experienced partner in the sale or purchase of hotels and hospitality business. Due to our reliable connections with numerous investors and hotel operators, we are able to discreetly and promptly process and execute transactions.

We analyse the organisational, economic, financial and legal aspects of hotel and restaurant businesses prior to a transaction as part of a consultancy mandate. A technical analysis is carried out by external partners if required.

We evaluate the business and determine the possible selling price. We develop a sales strategy based on the seller's interests and ensure that the agreed objectives are implemented.


Our consultancy services for the preparation of an object for sale range from Fr. 2,000 to Fr. 10,000, depending on the size of the object. The consultancy fee is deducted from the success fee in the event of a sale.  


The marketing is always carried out on a performance basis. The minimum success fee is Fr. 30,000 or a percentage depending on the amount of the sale:

1 million = 4.5%

3 million = 3.0%

5 million =2.8%

10 million =2.2%

20 million =1.9%

40 million =1.5%

These conditions apply to Switzerland-based transactions.  


Do our services meet your requirements? Then please contact us for a more personalized, free consultation.

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